Saturday, March 31, 2012


There is a lot more to cities than buildings, transport, open spaces, people and sounds. We don't often just stand in a city a listen to the sounds but you should try it and see what you can hear. There are some great websites where you can explore the world from sounds people have recorded Freesound and Radio Aporee are two examples. Musician and artist David Byrne used some sounds recorded in London for a short piece of music you can watch the video here.
I have only lived in Wellington for a couple of months but already I have heard more bird song than 10 years were I last lived, so in the city there is not only noise from cars, coffee machines buses etc. there are also natural sounds such as bird song, waves and wind.
The video below is a short bit about a project by artist Nina Katchadourian, who uses bird sounds in an interesting way.

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