Sunday, March 25, 2012

Non-Human Buildings

As well working in cities we live in them as well. Though for many living in a city means being outside of the central city area and traveling into the centre to work, shop, go to school etc. Many animals and insects make homes and then spend time looking for food or mates before returning to their homes, or if you are as clever as a snail, you can just carry your home with you. So looking at how animals and insects build homes can be helpful and give us ideas how we can build our own houses or workplaces, recently architects have designed buildings, which are inspired by the way termites build their mounds and how they manage the temperature inside them. Other insects such as bees also need to keep the temperature constant in their hives, which they manage by clustering together if it is cold or it it is to warm they can fan cooler air into the hive with their wings.

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